This week was one of those weeks that makes me feel like I'm watching my life as a child and shaking my head saying, "No way... no way..." It was chaotic, but it was really kinda awesome.

The United Nations launched #HeforShe, the White House's Initiative "It's On Us" also launched, The Clinton Global Initiative was going on in midtown, while the Social Good Summit was happening on the Upper West Side. Let me reiterate, all at the same time!  I had a few friends who are in fashion tell me that Fashion Week is absolute chaos, so with that in mind, I like to think of the days during the third week of September similarly- it's the Social Impact Fashion Week... sorta. Don't get me wrong- we're focused on changing the world and not clothes (all though, fashion surprisingly does indeed have its part. I frantically asked my sweet friend Molly Gochman if I could raid her closet, and she generously obliged. She's one of those ladies who literally gives you the shirt off her back. Like literally.)

And, we have our own version of 'geek out moments' Mine is pictured above with Hilary Clinton and my sweet cousin Komal Minhas (Remember her? She's the girl that I cyber-stalked on Facebook for a few months, begged for her to meet up to see if we were related, became best friends with instead, and then later found out we were related in May!)

Let's go backwards a bit however, the launch of the #HeForShe campaign at the United Nations was pretty cool. Emma Watson gave the most incredible speech I've ever seen live. It was super inspiring and moved nearly everyone in the room to tears. She spoke about how she wrestled with the idea of calling herself a "feminist" because she couldn't get behind 'man-hating' that is sometimes associated with the term "feminism". Confession, I totally feel the same way. Working in the anti-trafficking space, I once had this epiphany- if men are the problem (buyers) then that must mean they're also the solution! Emma invited the men in the audience, and those yet to see her speech, to be a part of the solution with a 'formal' invitation. It was awesome! You may have already seen it circulating social media, but in case you haven't it's worth a look. Check it out here.

Then, the It's On Us campaign launched in perfect synchronicity. They are also calling on men to no longer remain as bystanders to the sexual assault of women. I have so much more to say on this, and I will in a later post. For now, check out and sign the pledge on behalf of ladies everywhere.

I also was able to write for and attend the Clinton Global Initiative on behalf of Conscious Magazine and MTV Act (You can check out my writing pieces on those links). That was also pretty awesome, and surreal, as noted by my starstruck photo with Hilary Clinton. My favorite quote from CGI was from Hilary when she announced wanting to reach over 14 million (!!) girls in the next 5 years, “The scale of commitment matches the gravity of the challenge to ensure every girl receives secondary education. Is it ambitious? Yes. Is it achievable? Absolutely.” Amen, amen.

Keep on, keepin' on.

xx Jess