A few weeks ago Magnify Magazine contacted me about their biennial issue on Intimacy. They wanted to talk about what hope had meant to me in light of my story. I hadn't taken the time to really consider that question until that week, and, with a sort of divine irony, I was also speaking on a panel on the same topic the following weekend. Life has a funny way of meeting us right where we are doesn't it? 

When I considered what faith and hope meant, it struck me that hope isn't shy. It's actually brave, it's courageous and it's subversive. It taunts tragedy and fear in the face by saying, "No, I will not settle for this." In a way, hope is more warrior like than anything else. It rises up and unabashedly refuses to settle. I love that about hope. 

I heard Andra Day song, "Rise Up" yesterday, and it made me think this is hopes anthem. Take a listen below. 

If you'd like to see more of our interview, check out Magnify Magazine at: http://hellomagnify.com/magazine/

In light of hope, in light of everything. 

xx Jess