Today I'm lobbying with a 150 teen sex trafficking survivors & advocates for the passage of the Trafficking Victims Protection and Justice Act.

It's an incredible honor to stand beside these brave, resilient survivors and advocate for this law.

Here's why passing the #TVPJA is vital for survivors of sexual exploitation (ie #trafficking):

We are asking lawmakers to pass the #TVPJA bill which would prosecute traffickers as a violent crime with higher penalties.

Why? Well because, right now traffickers are prosecuted as a NON-violent crime and receive more leniency than criminals sentenced just for child abuse.

What does that mean? Say for example you rape a kid and are caught, right now in NYS, you'll get a tougher punishment than a trafficker.

BUT if you rape a kid, then pay him or her $20, beat the crap out of them (maybe even murder them), force them to have sex with multiple strangers and take away all their rights, freedom and dreams, THEN, IF you are caught, and IF you are sentenced you will receive a LESSER penalty than if you "just" committed child sex abuse. INSANE.

You can help! Take action here:

Then message your senator and assembly person to urge them to pass the full #TVPJA. (More info on that here: And if you're not in NY, message your state's assembly members and senators to do the same!

As one of the teen sex trafficking survivors said today, "We are fighting for the #TVPJA bill to be enacted so that victims receive the freedom they deserve and pimps and johns get theirs."

Amen, sister. Amen.

#solidarity #enditmovement