When my sweet cousin, Komal Minhas, introduced me to her dear friend journalist Nicole Belanger, I was blown away by her ability as a writer and communicator. Her strength to put words to the wordless, and fully engage her reader in someone else's story by creating an empathetic connection is really astounding.

I was even more excited when Nicole asked if she could interview me for her e-book aptly called, "On Resilience". So much of my personal vision and mission in life revolves around helping to free people from what shames them (or as the founders of Love 146 put it, "I don't rescue people. I partner with them in their self emancipation.")  so this felt like the perfect project to be a part of.

Also, featured in her book is Rebecca Soffer, the founder of Modern Loss, a great blog on grief and mourning for the modern person, the hilarious and wonderfully authentic Lara Parker, who in addition to working for the White House, is full of real talk anecdotes about living a full life while managing chronic pain, and the incredible Alaa Murabitt, who is a bad ass... like... whoa. Check out her TED talk about the Koran and women here.

Conversations with Her: On Resilience is available for download here: http://fourthhour.com/book/

Take a look, and let us know what you think. :) 

xoxo Jess