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Jessica offers an inspiring message of empowerment and hope. Her talks are infused with over twelve years of hands on humanitarian and media work with trafficking survivors, and numerous other social justice causes around the globe. 

She is deeply committed to offering light and a voice to those in need- not just because of her unique work in the field- but also because of her personal journey of overcoming abuse and tragedy.  

Now Jessica champions her audiences to embrace their own story, use their voices to speak up for those who cannot, and identify their unique purpose within the ecosystem of global social change.

She speaks regularly at high schools, colleges, nonprofits, fundraisers and conferences. 

With a background in journalism and as a film/TV actress, she is also a seasoned TV host, panel moderator, interviewer and event emcee.

Jessica Minhas is honest, clear and impactful when she speaks. As Tim Elmore would say, Students don’t need a “sage from the stage” this generation needs an invitation to participate in change. Jessica does just that.”
— Jonathan Walton, Executive Director, New York City Urban Project, Founder, Logoff Movement

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